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In a weird turn of events, it is actually raining in the San Francisco Bay Area this week so I thought I would share a waterproof fabric “case” I made for my phone a couple of months ago.

This is my girlfriends version with nice edging

This is my girlfriend’s version with nice edging

I have a couple mile walk to work and when it rains, even with an umbrella, sometimes my clothing and, hence, everything in the pockets gets wet.  I figured a simple cloth bag would do the trick to keep my phone dry.  The fabric I chose was waterproof ripstop nylon from with just some normal polyester thread.  For the closeout material, I used some velvet ribbon we had lying around the apartment.

Ripstop nylon is awesome stuff; it is light weight and very strong and is used in everything from parachutes and hot air balloons to most camping equipment.  It is normally somewhat porous so I got the 1.9 oz polyurethane coated variety from Seattle Fabrics originally to be used as a kayak skirt – a failed project to be discussed in a future post.

The first step is to cut out a strip of fabric 2x the length of the phone + 2.25″ and 1x the width +2.5″. Step 2 is to fold up the phone pocket, fold 1 first followed by both folds 2.  Step 3 sews down the fold 2 lines to make the pocket.  Step 4 is to fold in the ribbon pocket from the top, then step 5 sews it into place.(see drawing below)

Phone Case Steps 1-5

Then you take a ribbon that is about 15 inches long and thread it through the steps 4 and 5 tube.  All Done.

Sewn Case     Case wrappedup

I tested this out in reverse by using it as a water bag and it works surprisingly well – only a drip a second or so.  I also tested is out by having my phone fall out of my pocket and into the brackish water of the Bay while beaching my kayak and, as my phone still works, the bag is at least good for something.:)

It holds water in

Hello world!

Hello World!

As this is my first post I’ll keep it short and sweet.  The point of this blog is to write about the stuff my girlfriend and I make, mostly random clothing, fermented food, jewelry, woodworking, and random widgets.  Since I’m a Aerospace Engineer and my girlfriend is getting her PhD in robotics and the blog is for non work related things, the name Neither Rockets nor Robots seemed appropriate.


Lloyd Carrying the Kayak_compressed

PS. I promise to at least try to use less exclamation points in future posts!