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Cleveland Beach Provincial Park

Backlog post (January 17, 2021): The holidays were a bit quiet for us this year, and as Nova Scotia was recommending against travel over the holiday’s due to Corona virus so no exciting trips :(. But last week those recommendations were lifted so we drove south along the water an took a little family hike in a small park.

Cleveland Beach is a small island Рor peninsula  Рdepending on the tide with probably less than a kilometer of trail, but the inclement weather (wind gusts up to 60 km/hr and intermittent rain) in combination with a walking 1 year old made that kilometer count. Even though it was a short trip, it was very nice to get back out of the city again, and hopefully we can keep trips like this up for a while.

Less than intrepid exploration

Less than intrepid exploration.

Vine Mittens

After some life events, I’m trying to get back in the habit of blogging. First up is a project I finished early in the spring: a new pair of mittens. I started these over the Christmas holidays, but forgot that a full time job and a toddler means that I don’t have a lot of knitting time. On the plus side, the mittens are good to go for this winter.

I may have been spending too much time looking at plants when I came up with this design.

I may have been spending too much time looking at plants when I came up with this design.

On the whole, I’m quite happy with these. I designed the vine pattern to fit inside my usual mitten pattern. The result can be seen here:¬†VineMittens. That being said, I did manage to add in an extra 10 rows due to misreading the original mitten pattern. These were left in the linked pdf because fixing this means reworking the pattern and the mittens are still functional and look nice. Future improvements…

I’m looking forward to wearing these this year. I think my hands will be much warmer!