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I have been a bit behind on birthday presents this year and am finally finishing up some of the gifts for summer (in the Northern hemisphere) birthdays. The first one that I made this year is a scarf for my mom. It is actually the first scarf that I knit – and so far the only one. I know this is a typical first knitting project, but I learned how to crochet first and made, in all seriousness, about a dozen scarves. Consequently when I learned how to knit, I didn’t need any more scarves so I jumped straight into sweater making. Now that I have a few years of experience, I decided to make a cabled scarf with button closure for Mom’s birthday. Not the best choice for someone with a summer birthday, but I knew it would be late and arrive just in time for cooler weather.

The pattern for this scarf comes from one of my current favorite knitting books: Metropolitan Knits. This is the second knitting project that I’ve made from this book and I’m quite happy with the the way both have turned out. I posted on the first project in September and really wanted to jump into a second one. However, I did modify this pattern a bit. The lace in the scarf looked messy to me when I tried it so I left it out. I was a bit concerned at first that this would make the scarf too boring, but the cables gave it enough of a texture to keep it interesting. In general, a successful project!

Me modelling the scarf  before I sent it to Mom.

Me modelling the scarf before I sent it to Mom.

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