Book Review: Spin

We’re working our way through the Hugo winning novel list and realized that we were a bit behind so we picked this up in an effort to catch up.


Spin was written by Robert Charles Wilson and published in 2005. It won the Hugo in 2006. Ignore the back of the book as it doesn’t really say too much about what the book is actually about. It takes place starting nowish and moving forward from there. The book starts out a little slow but the pace picks up quickly. The main downside of the book was that the characters were not particularly interesting and this made the book seemed a bit flat at times. However, the world building was easily the best part of the book and the best world building I have read in some time. The central point of interest in this book is finding out what exactly is happening to the Earth, and the characters are just a convenient point of reference for passing this information on.

Overall, this book is definitely worth a read/ It’s pretty quick reading once you get past the first fifty pages or so.

8/10: Worth the read