Pumpkin Carving

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, Jasmine and I are just about run a half marathon this weekend and that seems to be sucking up the edges of the free time that were previously website related.

We live on an awesome street that feels like it is straight out of a 60’s sitcom: kids running around the street, block parties, and non stop gardening on the weekends.  Randomly about a dozen of us ended up carving pumpkins in a front yard on Sunday.

The neighborhoods Jack-o-Lanterns

The neighborhoods Jack-o-Lanterns

So everyone knows how to carve a pumpkin right?!?!?

1) Cut out the top of a pumpkin

2) Remove the guts of the pumpkin using a big spoon

3) Draw a face on the pumpkin with a sharpie

4) Cut out the face with a knife

5) Insert a candle and replace lid

Well that is the way I have always done it and Jasmine did it that way; see below.

I'm scary! oohhhoohhh..

I’m scary! oohhhoohhh..

But did you know you could change these steps up:

1) Cut the bottom of the pumpkin? then just put a candle on the ground and the pumpkin over it at the end.

2) Make roasted pumpkin seeds! take the seeds out of the pumpkin and roast them at 350F with salt and cayenne pepper scraping the pan every 5 minutes until brown.  They are delicious

3) Print out the design and tape it on for the lazy or ambitious.

4) Drill out holes instead of cutting; you can do a bunch of pumpkins quick.  Use wood cutting tools to only cut halfway into the pumpkin. This lets some light through so you can get a two tone effect, which is what I did.

Triforce Pumpkin

Triforce Pumpkin

El cheepo woodcarving set

El cheapo woodcarving set

5) Just use a candle. Fire is fun.

Have a fun weekend!