Busy Week

We decided to do things a bit differently this week and went and did something exciting everyday during the week. Some relaxing may be necessary during this weekend.

The two most exciting things we did were hockey and a gaming night. Jasmine and I had talked about going to the local triple A hockey team – The Thunderbirds! It was quite fun, but there is a large difference between the NHL and Western Hockey League in terms of player quality. But still fun.

Second was that we did a fancy pants gaming night at the Columbia Tower in Seattle. We have done it a couple of times before, but Jasmine and I like having some food, friends, and gaming, so we will certainly do it again.

Thunderbirds! We finally made it!

Thunderbirds! We finally made it!

Southern View from the Colombia tower.

Southern view from the Columbia Tower.

Northern View from the Colombia tower.

Northern View from the Columbia Tower.