Hobie Cat Lift (Guest Post)

Lloyd’s dad is back with another guest post.

Alice and I live in NC on Lake Auman in the Sandhills region. We have beautiful sand bottom lakes in the area are fortunate to live on one. One of our favorite pastimes is sailing on our Hobie Cat when the wind is up.

All the lakes are man-made so they are bulkheaded to keep them in their boundaries. We kept the Hobie on land to save the wear and tear on the rigging as the lake gets a good deal of chop. We had a serviceable solution with a crank belt connected to a pine tree. This required me to lift the lip above the bulkhead and then for Alice to crank as I lifted and pulled the boat up. Not too bad; the lift was about two feet and the total boat weight is about 250 lbs. The biggest problem was that it was awkward lifting and getting up the bulkhead at the same time.

I was going to make a crack pun but that would make jasmine winch.

I was going to make a crank pun but that would make Jasmine winch.

They lowered the lake to do some dam maintenance, giving me a higher lift and I am not getting any younger. It was time for a different solution. This winter, when we were in Seattle visiting Jasmine and Lloyd, I talked about getting a block and tackle with two steel pipes and lifting with those. We have twin docks and I could run it between them. Lloyd suggested cargo straps instead; he felt it would give a better hold and be easier to build [ed. also straps don’t rust].

I found a cheaper solution to the block and tackle in a modified carabiner with a locking friction clamp addition. I figured at 250 lbs, I could just muscle it up. My first try was a fail. I got 12’ strapping and, with the stretch, it was too long and I could not get enough lift. I reordered 10’ strapping and we were off to the races, totally out of the water.

High and dry dock.

High and dry dock.

I added a cleat to each rope so that, even if there was a failure of the locking carabiner, it would still hold somewhat.

Strapped in without a hitch.

Strapped in without a hitch.

You still need to muscle up each side, but it is not nearly as awkward. Plus, I could take out and put the boat away by myself. No real wind yet, but a couple of boats passed close and no wobble at all.

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