Martinique Beach Provincial Park

For the long weekend, we decided to go check out the beach! That is what everyone does in October, right? We made our way up north to Martinique Beach Provincial Park which is only a 45 minute drive north of Dartmouth and just hung out on the beach for the morning. It is not the first time we have taken Holly to the beach, but every time we go she can walk a little better so she gets more and more keen on exploring. Can’t wait until next summer when we can go swimming at the beach with Holly!

It was around 2km of unbroken sandy beach. Coming from the Seattle Puget Sound I am jealous.

It was around 2 km of unbroken, sandy beach. Coming from the Seattle Puget Sound, I am jealous.

Now with extra walking

Now with extra walking!

It only rained a little bit

It only rained a little bit.

Exuberant Walking!

Exuberant walking!

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